Rodent Fur Found In Batch Of Heinz Ketchup In Brazil

A batch of Heinz ketchup made in Mexico and imported by Brazil in 2012 has been banned this week after Brazilian health officials detected rodent fur in the mix, according to BBC News.

On Tuesday, Brazil's National Health Monitoring Agency ANVISA released a statement saying that the contaminated product was no longer in circulation.

The Heinz Company told The Huffington Post on Wednesday that they have launched an investigation into the incident.

"Food safety and quality is paramount at Heinz," Michael Mullen, Heinz's senior vice president of corporate and government affairs, told HuffPost in an email. "The company is taking this matter very seriously and we have launched a full investigation in cooperation with the Brazilian authorities."

A Mexican hygiene agency known as Cofepris has also since followed up by ordering an inspection of the Mexican factory where the ketchup was made, according to BBC News.

While finding animal products in food may sound gross, it's not necessarily uncommon.

In America, for example, the Food and Drug Administration allows certain levels of bugs and bug parts in your food, up to a point that they deem it unsafe. According to the FDA, it is impossible for products that are grown and harvested to be completely free of bug parts or other "unavoidable defects."