Rodger Berman Tries Guyliner With Rachel Zoe During Paris Fashion Week (PHOTO)

Billie Joe Armstrong, is that you?

Any man that works outside the style industry but is willing to escort his wife to fashion events is a good sport in our book. So we think Rodger Berman, husband of celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, definitely deserves a gold medal for his enthusiasm.

The investment banker accompanied his wife to MAC and Carine Roitfeld's Le Bal yesterday, sporting his recently grown-out locks and some pretty epic guyliner, if we say so ourselves. After all, he was attending a party for a makeup company, so why not get in on the fun?

Plus, the new dad seems pretty comfortable with his unique position, telling Harper's Bazaar that he's "grown to really appreciate fashion" and the world that comes with it (he doesn't even mind being given "purse duty" every now and then). And if "The Rachel Zoe Project" taught us anything, it's that Rachel certainly has no problem voicing her opinions when it comes to the style of everyone around her. So maybe the eyeliner was her idea? Either way, we say: good for you, Rodger!

Check out the photo of Rodger wearing eyeliner at Le Bal and tell us what you think.


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