Man Allegedly Pushes Jogger Into Traffic, Because 'I Hate White People'

An Ohio man accused of pushing a jogger into traffic told the victim, "I hate white people," according to police.

Rodney Arnold, 24, shoved a woman into the street on May 11, then threatened her by waving a knife , Cincinnati police told Fox 19. He allegedly told her that he "hated white people," police said.

He was arrested on Wednesday, though the woman he allegedly knocked into the street identified him in a police lineup two days after the attack.

The victim, who said she feared for her life when Arnold pointed the knife at her, managed to flee and call for help. Police let Arnold go, however, because they didn't find the weapon on him. But an hour and a half later, officers responded to a separate report of a man brandishing a knife, and this time, Arnold admitted to having the weapon, The Cincinnati Enquirer reports.

Police charged him with assault, aggravated menacing and ethnic intimidation, weeks after the first incident. He was arraigned on Thursday, and held on $90,000 bail at the Hamilton County Justice Center, WLW reports.

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