Rodney McGee Calls Deputy Azor, Drug Dog, To Testify In Florida Court

Drug Dog Called To The Stand In Traffic Stop Case

This K9 cop sure does his due doggy diligence.

Azor, a doggy deputy who detects drugs in Florida, was issued a subpoena this week to testify about a February traffic stop. The defendant, Rodney McGee, called the canine on Thursday as part of his attempted defense on a citation for failing to use his turn signal, WINK News reported.

"I was hoping that they would let me plant marijuana in the courthouse to see if he could find drugs," McGee told the station.

Deputy Azor was subpoenaed because he was used to sniff for drugs in McGee's car during the traffic stop, but didn't find any.

The defendant's motion was dismissed and McGee appeared quite riled up in video from the courthouse.

The doggy deputy's supervisor told The Huffington Post that the Belgian Tervuren is a dual-certified K9 cop who has been on the force for three years, working on drug detection and trailing alongside his partner, Deputy Franko.

"I've been on the K9 force for 13 years now, and I've never had a dog called in before," said Sgt. John Heck of the Charlotte County Sheriff's Department. "Azor has been in court before when there may be high-risk prisoners or something, so he wasn't uncomfortable in that setting, but we've definitely never had this happen."

McGee's theatrical move did not sway Judge Peter Bell and he was still fined $300 for failure to signal.

As one poster in a Massachusetts police forum noted, "Good thing the K-9 didn't have to take the stand, that would have been a RUFF cross-examination."

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