Roger Ailes Paper Cancels Writer's Subscription: 'We Don't Desire To Have A Relationship With You'

New York magazine's Gabriel Sherman, who is currently writing a biography on Roger Ailes and the rise of Fox News, received some surprising news on Friday.

Sherman, whose forthcoming book on Ailes has been widely trailed in the press, recently reported on the Ailes-owned newspaper in upstate New York, the Putnam County News and Recorder.

The 146-year old paper, with which Ailes has said he has little involvement, will now have to compete against a rival newspaper launching today. The newspaper is published by Gordon Stewart, a former speechwriter for Jimmy Carter. Sherman wrote that PCN&R editor Doug Cunningham called Stewart asking if there was a liberal conspiracy behind his new paper.

Following his report, Sherman learned that PCN&R canceled his subscription to the paper. When Sherman called Cunningham to ask why, the PCN&R publisher told him the cancelation was related to his biography on Ailes and Fox News. "We don't desire to have a relationship with you," Cunningham reportedly said. Sherman tweeted that even when his wife tried to subscribe after he was told he could not, PCN&R canceled her subscription as well.



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