Roger Ailes Reportedly Cut Geraldo Rivera's Microphone During Fox News Appearance

Oh, Roger Ailes.

The New York Times preview of journalist Jonathan Alter's new book, The Center Holds: Obama and His Enemies, begins with a story about Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera, who was defending the Obama administration a few days before the presidential election in November.

According to Alter's book, Ailes watched Rivera argue with another Fox News host for a few minutes, and then did what any head of a news network could theoretically do -- he ordered the control room to cut off Rivera's microphone.

A new biography on Ailes, which was trashed in a review by the New York Times, also recounted a few colorful moments with the Fox News chief. In Zev Chafets' Roger Ailes: Off Camera, Ailes called Obama "lazy" and Newt Gingrich "a prick." Another book on Ailes, by Gabriel Sherman, is due out January 2014.

UPDATE: Rivera denied that the incident had taken place in a tweet:



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