Roger Ailes Offered Condoleezza Rice Off-The-Record Help

Fox News chief Roger Ailes offered to give Condoleezza Rice off-the-record advice in a 2005 letter.

The document was obtained by Gawker's John Cook through a Freedom of Information Act request. In the handwritten note, Ailes complimented the then-Secretary of State for having a "great" first month. "You handled hearing beautifully. If I can be of help off the record—just call," he wrote.

A Fox News spokesperson responded to the obtained document in a statement:

"Mr. Ailes provided no assistance whatsoever and there was no mention of the Bush administration. Secretary Rice never took him up on the offer, which was a personal media-related one. As the head of a news organization, Roger speaks to powerful people from the left and the right all the time—if every other news chief wants to release their off the record correspondence and conversations, Roger will too."

This is not the first time a Fox News-related private document has raised eyebrows. In late 2010, leaked emails obtained by Media Matters detailed how one Fox news editor instructed his staff to echo GOP talking points during the network's health care coverage.



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