Ohio University Rejects Roger Ailes' Name And Money

The school is distancing itself from the former Fox News chief.

Ohio University is wiping Roger Ailes’ name from its campus newsroom.

Amid growing pressure from student groups on campus, Ohio University president Roderick McDavis announced Monday that the school would be making some imminent changes to its newsroom. 

McDavis said during a faculty senate meeting that it “weighed heavily” on him as he wondered if the newsroom should still be named for Ailes, one of the university’s most infamous  alumnus, according to OU’s newspaper, The Post.

“Given the allegations against Mr. Ailes, the circumstances surrounding his departure from Fox News, I’ve decided to return his gift and remove his name,” McDavis said. Ailes’ gift came in the form of a $500,000 donation to the school in 2007.

McDavis wasted little time after making his decision public. The Post reported that the letters bearing Ailes’ name in the newsroom were removed before the meeting even ended.

Longtime Fox News host Gretchen Carlson sued Ailes earlier this summer for sexual harassment. Since Carlson filed her suit, her lawyers said more than 20 women came forward with more sexual harassment allegations. Fox News’ parent company, Century 21st Fox, severed ties with Ailes, who denies all allegations, within weeks. It gave him a $40 million golden parachute and later settled Carlson’s suit for $20 million.

Although Ohio University will return Ailes’ gift and rename its newsroom. The Posted reported that the school would continue to give out scholarships with his name.

Ohio University said in a statement issued to The Huffington Post Thursday that it is “evaluating how to proceed in a manner that does not disadvantage students currently receiving the scholarship.”

This article has been updated to include comment from Ohio University on scholarships it gives out with Ailes’ name.



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