Roger Daltrey Crashes Wedding, Sings 'Can't Explain' With The Band

One couple's honeymoon has a tough act to follow.

Daltrey, who was staying at the same hotel near Glasgow where the reception for Susan and Carl Smith took place, heard the music as he passed by and was impressed enough to walk into the reception after some gentle persuasion from guests, according to reports.

He then congratulated the newlyweds and asked the incredulous members of the Milestone Band if they wanted to do a song together (obvious answer: yes!).

Watch the fun above as Daltrey, 70, belts out "Can't Explain."

"We don't play any Who covers but managed to busk our way through!" the band wrote on YouTube.

The bride, who had approached Daltrey for an autograph earlier in the day, told the Daily Mail, "It was unexpected but it just made it the perfect day."

Check out Daltrey with the couple below.