Roger Ebert Challenges Sarah Palin To Debate With Coffee Party Founder, Annabel Park

Roger Ebert Challenges Sarah Palin To Debate With Coffee Party Founder, Annabel Park

Renowned film critic Roger Ebert took to his Twitter account last week to challenge former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin to talk with Annabel Park, founder of the Coffee Party Movement.

"I'd like to hear this young woman in conversation with Sarah Palin. I'm very serious," the prolific tweeter and Chicago movie maven posted on Friday, along with a link to a February video of Annabel Park explaining the Coffee Party's mission.

On Monday, Park lent her support to the proposal in a Facebook post that recommended a few details of such a potential encounter.

Roger Ebert thinks I should be "in conversation w/ Sarah Palin." Actually, I'd like to debate her. The debate can be a fundraiser for the victims of the Gulf Oil Spill and 99ers (unemployed ...for over 99 weeks, not covered by the benefit extension). What do you say, Sarah? -- Annabel

The Coffee Party describes its mission as pushing for "cooperation in government," with the understanding that "the federal government is not the enemy of the people, but the expression of our collective will."

In the video accompanying Ebert's original tweet, Park explains the makeup of the group:

"We really have a collection of people who value diversity -- are diverse -- and we're completely comfortable with the changing demographics of our country. I think that it's human for people to be nervous about changes in their neighborhoods and in the demographics of this country, but it's not something that should be encouraged, and it certainly should not be an opportunity for political gain. I think, really, the politicians that are exploiting that fear and anxiety for political gain, they're really the worst."

The potential confrontation between Sarah Palin, a conservative heavyweight and Tea Party champion, and Annabel Park, a growing voice in the progressive movement's reaction to people like Palin, has quickly sparked interest. On Tuesday morning, Facebookers launched a group called Annabel Park v. Sarah Palin Debate.

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