Photographer Roger Erickson Presents 'OUTspoken: Portraits of LGBTQ Luminaries'

Celebrity fashion photographer Roger Erickson will open his new solo show next week featuring protraits of the queer movers and shakers of our time.

Called "OUTspoken: Portraits of LGBTQ Luminaries," the San Francisco-based exhibition will feature over 80 promiment faces, including Wanda Sykes, Greg Louganis, Rachel Maddow, Edward Albee, Chris Colfer and Lady Bunny, among others.

Erickson noted that "OUTspoken: Portraits of LGBTQ Luminaries" focuses on the evolving relationship between the individual and the larger queer community -- and the way that this intersects with modern day popular culture in America. It will run from June 9-Oct. 16 at San Francisco City Hall.


"What I wish viewers to take away from this project is self-empowerment," Erickson said in an artist's statement sent to The Huffington Post. "That compassion, curiosity (about each other) and self awareness deepen a sense of interconnectedness between the individual and the LGBTQ community that transverse racial, cultural and geographical boundaries. We are not so different. We share a commonality where by identifying with our sexuality can be a meaningful step towards self acceptance and, by embracing it, we may gain greater strength and confidence."

Check out more images from "OUTspoken: Portraits of LGBTQ Luminaries" below or head here for more information.