Roger Federer: Rafael Nadal Has A Heart Of Gold

The Swiss tennis champ is currently competing at Wimbledon.

Now that’s a class.

Swiss tennis champion Roger Federer, who’s currently competing at the Wimbledon tournament in London, joined Vogue to answer 73 questions. When the outlet asked about his fierce opponent Rafael Nadal, the eight-time Wimbledon winner responded with grace.

“He’s an intense guy on the court,” Federer said. “He’s super honest and open off the court, and he’s got a heart of gold.”

Federer also added that Nadal will be helping him with his organization the Roger Federer Foundation. The group supports educational projects across southern Africa and Switzerland. He said that they’ll come together for a charity game.

“We’re going to try to break the record for most attendance, in Cape Town, South Africa for my foundation,” he said. “I’m so looking forward to it so thank you Rafa.”

What a winning answer.

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