Roger Goodell On Deflategate: 'LOL'

He literally laughed at Tom Brady.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's handling of Deflategate is no laughing matter, unless you are NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Fans of the New England Patriots are angry because Goodell delivered and upheld a four-game suspension for Tom Brady 0ver his role in Deflategate. General football fans are annoyed because the NFL's done all it can to ensure an expensive and protracted legal battle with the Patriots and Brady. 

But on Thursday night, when Goodell was congratulated on his handling of the "Brady thing," the commissioner could only let out a large guffaw.

Goodell was at the Pro Football Hall of Fame dinner when he was commended on the "Deflategate" stuff by former Super Bowl-winning Packers General Manager Ron Wolf. Wolf was there to receive his gold Hall of Fame jacket ahead of his induction ceremony on Saturday.

“Way to go on that Brady thing,” Wolf said to Goodell as he gave him a hearty slap on the back. 

Goodell's response: LOL. 

There are three ways of interpreting this: 

1. Goodell spit out one of those knee-jerk laughs you give when you think someone important said something funny to you, but you're not entirely sure what.

2. Goodell legitimately thinks "Deflategate" is funny. 

3. Goodell is laughing at Wolf's sarcastic "way to go," because he knows he's awful at his job.

Hmmm. It's definitely the third one. Sorry, Bill Belichick. Your commissioner is a hack. 

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