College Gay History Celebrations Come Under Attack Despite Institutional Support

Former State Legislator Slams University's Gay History Celebrations

Roger Hines, a former Georgia state legislator and retired high school teacher, had choice words for the Kennesaw State University community in a Sunday newspaper column, calling the promotion of LGBT History Month "a slap in the face" to local citizens.

While mistaking October's LGBT History Month for "Gay Pride Month" (which occurs in June), Hines said the school's acceptance of tax dollars and celebration of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community is "an affront to the entire state."

"No one who has lived in Georgia for six months could be in doubt about the state's predominant culture," Hines wrote. "We aren’t Washington state, and Atlanta isn’t San Francisco either, or not yet."

In September, The Marietta Daily Journal included a rundown of KSU events celebrating gay history month, including a theatrical production of coming out tales and participation in the Atlanta Pride Parade.

Hines took issue with the "month-long party," and ridiculed the university's acronym of choice: GLBTIQ. Hines applied his own interpretation of what each letter represents, saying the transgender community "argues that God made a mistake" and that "Q" -- standing for queer -- "is the most disturbing."

Hines chastised universities for accepting state funds, then supporting the gay community.

"It is the way of academia. They ply state legislators for funds and then foster such things as gay politics that neither state legislators nor their constituents approve of," Hines said. "This should cease."

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