Roger Sterling's LSD Adventure In 'Mad Men' And Other Classic TV Drug Trips (VIDEO)

Roger Sterling On LSD & Other Classic TV Drug Trips

"Mad Men" got psychedelic this week when Roger Sterling tripped on LSD at his wife's psychotherapist's apartment.

"Mad Men" was bound to run into '60s counter-culture at some point, but nobody could have guessed that the set-in-his-ways World War II veteran Sterling would be the one doing the experimenting (he just wasn't made for these times). At the end of his reality-bending adventure, which "Mad Men" conveyed through a shrinking cigarette, a musical vodka bottle and a rapid-fire internal monologue, Roger found himself "alone in the truth" with his wife Jane, and they both recognized it was time for them to get divorced.

The storyline got HuffPost TV thinking about some of TV's most memorable drug trips. Plenty of iconic characters have dabbled in hallucinogens through the years -- whether it be LSD, mushrooms, peyote or frog's saliva. From Tony Soprano to Homer Simpson, "The Good Wife" to "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia," enjoy this video mashup of classic TV trips.

Video produced by Sam Wilkes

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