Roger Stone Dumped From Twitter Almost As Fast As He Rejoined

"I'm back b***hes," he crowed, then the longtime Trump adviser quickly disappeared.

Self-described political “dirty trickster” and longtime Donald Trump confidant Roger Stone apparently got a bit carried away with Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter this week for $44 billion. Stone jumped back on the social media platform that had banned him — and then was quickly dumped again.

I’m back bitches,” he posted about 1 a.m. Thursday on a new profile he had created, in a surprise return reported by the Daily Mail and The Daily Beast. But the account vanished within hours, according to Stone and the Mail.

The profile was replaced with an “account suspended” message stating that the user had been bounced for violating Twitter rules.

“The account referenced was permanently suspended for violations of the Twitter Rules, specifically our ban evasion policy,” a Twitter spokesperson told the Beast. Banned users cannot create surrogate profiles to dodge their exile.

Stone reportedly described himself in his new profile as an “American Political Icon, Born-again, New York Times Bestselling Author, Trump Loyalist, veteran GOP operative, libertarian conservative, MSM critic.”

He included the countdown numbers “testing 1...2...3” in his post, so he likely didn’t expect it to be online for too long.

He was kicked off Twitter in 2017 after viciously attacking CNN journalists for reporting on Kremlin interference in the 2016 presidential campaign.

Stone was sentenced in early 2020 to 40 months in prison for multiple felonies, including witness tampering, lying to Congress and obstructing the House investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia in the 2016 race. He was pardoned by Trump.

Stone told the Mail he wasn’t surprised he was kicked off Twitter again but said he hopes Musk is “true to his word” to open up the platform to those who have been barred.

“I think he should reinstate Donald Trump. I think he should reinstate Alex Jones. I think he should reinstate General Mike Flynn,” Stone said.

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