Roger Waters On Israel Boycott: 'I Am Considering My Position' (VIDEO)

Rock Legend Reconsidering Israel Boycott

Pink Floyd's Roger Waters made headlines last month by calling for a boycott of Israel, saying he has urged other musicians to boycott the country in support for Palestine. But he told HuffPost Live host Josh Zepps Monday that he is now rethinking that position.

"I am considering my position," Waters said of the boycott. "The letter asking my fellow musicians to boycott Israel has never appeared. I am thinking all of this through extremely carefully and I'm thinking it all through extremely carefully because I care more about the outcome, because I care about the people involved, than I do about the moment."

Waters said that he is being "very, very careful to avoid some kind of dramatic moment that could very easily blow up" and undermine his influence in the longer term.

Waters was recently scheduled to speak at the 92nd Street Y in New York, but his appearance was canceled.

"If you were to ask Susan Engel, who's the director of lectures at 92Y, why she won't speak to anybody about the cancellation of my talk...she won't speak to you. She won't speak to anyone," Waters said. "I've asked and asked and asked, and in the end I just gave up."

Engel did not respond to The Huffington Post's request for comment.

"My little piece [at 92Y] was headed, 'Not To Talk Is Not An Option,'" Waters said. "The main thrust of my argument or any argument that I might have with 92Y is: not to talk is not an option."

Despite reconsidering his position on the boycott of Israel, Waters reaffirmed his criticism of the Israel government, saying it is focused more on short-term tactics than long-term strategy, which he says should be geared towards peace and human rights for everyone in the region.

"The occupation and the settlement building is an impregnable obstacle to peace," Waters said. "There can never be peace unless the occupation ends and the settlement building ends."

Waters said that the strategic goal for the region "should be a solution of the Palestinian refugee problem, an end to the occupation, security and the right to lead a decent life for all the citizens of Israel, both the Jewish citizens and the Palestinian citizens."

"That's the goal that those of us who actually care about people are attempting to encourage," he said.

Waters also said that the United States government is standing in the way of peace in the region by exercising its veto in the UN Security Council:

"If it hadn't been for the U.S. use of the veto, there would've been UN resolutions trying to steer the Israeli government into a more strategic direction, a direction which is more likely to bring forward the outcome that everybody who cares about people all over the world are desperate to see. That we'll raise the blockade in Gaza and give a chance for there to be peace talks. The possibility for a two-state almost beyond us now because of the settlements. Which the United States could stop tomorrow. Now why don't they? I don't know, you don't know."

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