RJ Cooper's Rogue 24 Restaurant Has A Two-Page Reservation Contract [UPDATED]

Eating dinner at high-end restaurants these days is getting more and more complicated -- first Grant Achatz's Next restaurant decided to forego reservations in favor of tickets and now RJ Cooper's Rogue 24 mandates that diners sign a two-page contract prior to eating. Eater DC has the scoop on the restaurant's regulations, which include:

  • No cell phones or cameras during dinner.
  • Diners that cancel reservation less than 72 hours ahead of time are charged half of the bill. If reservations are cancelled after 3pm the day of, diners are charged the entire check.
  • If the contract is not returned within 72 hours of making the reservation, then the reservation is voided.

Although the contract might sound a bit over-the-top to some, it does also offer a space for diners to indicate any food allergies or dietary restrictions, which is useful to both the diner and the kitchen.

Rogue 24 has two different menu options: the 16-course Progression ($100 without wine pairings, $145 with) or the 24-course Journey ($120 without wine pairings, $175 with). Before opening in July, chef Cooper previewed some of his dishes at a LTO (Limited Time Only) pop-up restaurant in New York. The move caught some flack from those who believed that Cooper would be better served previewing his food in the city that his restaurant was actually opening in.

Komi, another high-end, tasting-menu-only DC restaurant consistently ranked as one of the best, also bans photography. David Chang's Momofuku Ko has a photo ban as well.

Click over to Eater DC to read the contract in full.

UPDATE: The contract has been revised with a lighter policy on cancellations. See the new contract at Eater DC.