Rogue Goats Take Over Idaho Neighborhood. (We're Not Kidding.)

These goats on the lam were supposed to be working when they were found eating up a quiet suburban street.

Goats are not often recognized as being the most intrepid of creatures, but these goats are aiming to change the goat game.

On Friday a neighborhood on the west side of Boise, Idaho, was taken over by “about 100” of them, according to KTVB reporter Joe Parris.

Who are these goats? Where did they come from? What propelled them to go rogue?

KTVB noted that the animals were “snacking on lawns and flower bushes, and stripping the leaves from trees,” as goats are wont to do.

The outlet discovered that the goats appear to belong to the company We Rent Goats, which, aptly, rents out herds of goats for people to use to “clear weeds and help with fire suppression on private land and public property,” KTVB said.

Wow. Who needs landscapers when you can just rent a goat?

Well, before you get too excited, these goats weren’t very focused on their duties and wandered off their job site. Luckily, We Rent Goats tracked down their reckless employees and loaded them into a truck.

Ah, silly goats. Back to work, you hungry babes!!!

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