This 'Rogue One' Actor Made Sure He Wasn't Another Jar Jar Binks

Mesa grateful!

The first “Star Wars” prequels were not the movies you were looking for. Of course, one blemish stands out from the others — mostly because it just didn’t shut up. 

Jar Jar Binks has been panned throughout the galaxy since his first appearance in “Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace.” J.J. Abrams even joked about possibly having Jar Jar’s bones show up in the new movies as an Easter egg. At least that would bring our intergalactic nightmare to an end, right? Well, sorry, everyone. It will never end!

“I don’t think that there will ever be closure,” “Rogue One” actor Alan Tudyk said to The Huffington Post. “[Jar Jar] was such an outlier ― not an outlier, an anomaly in the world ― that was backed away from as quickly as they could.”

Alan Tudyk probably thinking, "Mesa have no time for Jar Jar."
Alan Tudyk probably thinking, "Mesa have no time for Jar Jar."

Tudyk emphasized he even made sure his character, the new droid K-2SO, wasn’t coming across as another Binks.

“I did have it in mind because K-2SO can be very funny in moments, and I talked to [director] Gareth Edwards, saying, I hope I’m not coming across as a character that makes jokes, that he is a sarcastic character or a passive-aggressive character or an honest character that can be funny within a moment, especially these moments of high-stakes life and death, which this movie has a lot of ― you know, it’a a war movie,” said Tudyk. “He told me that I wasn’t, so I trusted him, and I’m really happy with the outcome.”

The actor went on to talk about his role in “Rogue One” — plus, he explained why C-3PO actually called him a “shit” and totally dismantled the theory about Jar Jar being a Sith.

The rebels are supposedly the good guys, but droids are always serving them. What do you think about the treatment of droids?

K-2SO exercises his individual rights. There’s that moment in the trailer, or out in video form, where Jyn Erso, played by Felicity Jones, hands me her bag, and I just drop it because I’m not into the whole concept of carrying her luggage. It’s not my job, so I’m not gonna do it.

I know you said C-3PO and K-2SO wouldn’t get along, but did you get any advice from Anthony Daniels, who played C-3PO?

He called me a shit ... in a very fun and playful way. It sounds bad. It’s a four-letter word synonymous with poo. But he was reacting to the fact that I’m motion capture, and he had to wear his suit, and it has been very uncomfortable. It’s gotten a lot more comfortable through the years.

I did not [get advice]. I just approached it as any other character. I had motion capture for “I, Robot” playing Sonny, so I had that experience, and I think it gave me the confidence to approach it like any other role.

If this movie had a tagline, what would it be?

Something that had to do with the fact that it’s so different in style because it’s a stand-alone. Maybe it’s “’Rogue One’: They stand alone, but together.” And that’s the worst. I want to say that’s the worst title, but I’m sure that was one that was on the drawing board that got immediately shot down and someone lost their job, but I’ll go with that one.

What should we expect?

Because of where it falls in the “Star Wars” series, right before “A New Hope,” that was the first movie that a lot of people and certainly myself were introduced to “Star Wars,” it was designed to reflect that first movie ― the set design, the droids, the whole world. Even without actual reference to characters, which are also in the movie ― Darth Vader, the Death Star, things that you recognize, things you have a relationship with ― but the whole world echoes with that movie that hooked you in the beginning and excited millions of people around the world.

You mentioned Darth Vader, and there was that theory about Jar Jar being a Sith Lord. Have you heard about that?

That’s ridiculous. I guess he could be, like, the Seth lord, the lord of a man named Seth. Seth is, like, a thief.

Of course, we all remember Seth.

Seth was a very integral character, but I’m sure that he overthrew Jar Jar.

Like, if I hear that [Jar Jar] voice one more time, I’m gonna lose it. I don’t mean to trash Jar Jar so much, but I guess I seem comfortable doing it.

I revered his movies, and he’s still part of the movies. And I think kids really liked him? So if it brought more people into “Star Wars,” fantastic.

It led to “Rogue One.” 

Just keep telling yourself that, Alan ...

”Rogue One” hits theaters Dec. 16.




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