Rohan Marley Takes Us Inside House of Marley And The #LiveMarley Spirit at CES

Rohan Marley Takes Us Inside House of Marley And The #LiveMarley Spirit at CES
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Rohan Marley joins What's Trending at the Samsung Smart Lounge at CES 2014 to discuss designing the House of Marley brand, their latest gear, and the birth of the Marley Coffee Company.

For his fourth year at CES, Marley is happy to be feeling more comfortable with the community and the evolving technologies, and incorporating them into his House of Marley company. "It's more than just aesthetics," he says. "It's about functionality, the purpose of it, and really having that quality and sound."

He adds, "And with sustainable and using eco-friendly materials, we've also captured our space." He says that his brand's identity is rooted in his father Bob Marley's values. "One love. Peace. Unity. Working together for a better world."

He's also introduced new bluetooth technology and headphones for his products. And as Shira notes, the Marley name and brand has a huge presence on Twitter and social media.

"Because we're about the lifestyle," Marley says. "What we have is an extension of expression ... We keep that relationship with our people, our father's fans." He adds, "My father has a movement that started before us. As his children, we are just the stewards to build on his foundation."

As for starting Marley Coffee, he notes that he found a farm in Jamaica and found out that there was coffee on the land. From there, he took the time to build his own company, using a one-on-one approach and building upon his business and lifestyle philosophy.

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