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Roland Emmerich, 'Anonymous' Director, Reveals Details On His Gay Pool Parties To <i>The Advocate</i>

Roland Emmerich's new movie "Anonymous" controversially implies that William Shakespeare's plays were written by someone other than the Bard himself -- but in a new interview with The Advocate, the reclusive director also dishes about another buzzed-about, albeit more personal, aspect of his Hollywood career.

As The Advocate reports, the openly gay Emmerich's well-documented "boy parties" have become renowned within Los Angeles' LGBT community for attracting "more than a thousand" twinks (his word):

"Four or five years ago I kind of proposed to ['X Men' director Bryan Singer] that it should be no more than 400 [people]. You know what Bryan said? 'You want to make it that exclusive?' I said, 'Are you kidding me?’ But then I kind of realized when [Singer] makes a New Year's party there’s like 600, 700 twinks running around and he’s hiding in his room. That’s quite typical."

Emmerich estimates that the last party they hosted, in 2009, drew 1,200 guests. “I didn’t know anybody anymore because all my friends said, 'Oh, fuck it, I'm leaving.' I said, 'No more. This is becoming a circuit party.'" Indeed, photos on gay blogs make the whole thing look like the prelude to an orgy, but Emmerich insists that whatever happened, he didn’t partake. “We had security, and I said, 'I'm going to bed now. Just throw them all out.''"

Whether or not Emmerich will mark the release of "Anonymous," due out Oct. 28, with a splashy, testosterone-filled fete remains to be seen, but early buzz on the film has been mixed. As The Los Angeles Times is reporting, the period drama was originally scheduled for a "Shakespeare in Love"-style opening in thousands of cinemas, but will now be scaled down to a mere 250 after testing poorly in tracking surveys.

"We believe a gradual rollout is the best way for audiences to discover, embrace and champion the movie through the holiday season," an individual close to the project is quoted by Reuters as saying.

Read Emmerlich's full Advocate interview here.

Check out the trailer for "Anonymous" below: