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Watch These Potential Buyers Tour A Home... On A Roller Coaster

This is a home tour people are likely never to forget.

Buying a home is stressful, whether you're the buyer, the seller or the brokers in between. For that reason, brokers are thinking up some pretty creative ways to get a house sold -- from elaborate music videos to virtual tours that can show you what a home will look like before it's built.

In the Netherlands, broker Verder met Wonen is taking prospective buyers on a Disney-worthy roller coaster ride. Instead of just walking people thorough a two-story suburban home in the city of Ermelo, buyers go on a thrill ride that looks equal parts scary and awesome.

The promotional video shows prospective buyers climbing aboard a wooden car and whisking through the home's interior (including the upstairs!) and the backyard. It even has a sound system built in that broadcasts the home's details to the person every time they enter a new room.

According to Geobeats, the brokers decided to use the roller coaster to sell the house after the house had been on the market for six months without selling. The house costs 500,000 British pounds or roughly $780,000. They also installed the roller coaster to provide people with views of the home that can't be seen by just standing.

We must say, when you're facing potential buyers who are probably looking at tons of properties, taking them on a thrilling ride through a house is bound to make the home unforgettable.