Children From Haji Public School In Remote Indian Village Sing Adele's 'Rolling In The Deep' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Adorable Kids From Remote Indian Village Sing Adele's 'Rolling In The Deep'

In this adorable YouTube video, watch as a group of children from Haji Public School, a not-for-profit institution located in a remote village in the mountains of Jammu and Kashmir in India, present their own finger-snapping version of Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep' -- complete with synchronized dance moves.

These children are surely proof that high levels of cuteness are inevitable by-products of kids singing adult pop songs that they clearly don't understand.

But more than just a cute chorale, these children are also a testament to the success of one family's vision -- a family that is actively working to bring education to every rural child in the mountains of their ancestors.

In 2008, believing that the rural education system in their home country desperately needed a shake-up, Sabbah Haji and her family returned to their native village in India after a successful career abroad.

"Haji Public School started off as a very simple idea within the family," wrote Haji for Women's Web. "Let’s get our people educated. Let’s start from home. 'Home' in this case was our ancestral village Breswana, sitting high up in the mountains of Doda in Jammu and Kashmir. 'Our people' were generations of students whose school life had flitted by without them gaining so much as an elementary level of learning, judged by any decent academic standard."

Like most villages, Haji explained, the only school in Breswana had been a poorly-run public school, with two or three teachers and hundreds of students.

In 2009, with the assistance of family members, Haji opened the doors to a new school, IBN Live reports.

In her post for Women's Web, Haji admitted that it has not always been easy to find good teachers and sufficient funding for the school that is located in an area so remote that it is only accessible by foot or horseback.

Initially a kindergarten housed in a small cottage with two teachers and 30 students, the school now has over 150 students from kindergarten to grade 4 and more than 15 trained teachers.

According to IBN Live, the Haji family has also set up two more schools in a neighboring village to reach even more children.

For more information, visit the Haji Public School website.

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