Elderly Couple Snapped A Quick Pic After Flipping Their Car. Oh, To Be A Teen Again

An 85-year-old woman in Bel-Air, California, reportedly flipped her car as it tipped over a high curb near her home.

So naturally she wanted the moment captured forever in a cell phone picture.

In the much gabbed-about photo (below), Elizabeth Neufeld can be seen still stuck inside the car, which is flipped onto its side, while her husband, Ben Neufeld, stands outside the vehicle and a man enters through the top side door.

A passerby apparently took the picture as the couple posed, the Los Angeles Times reported.

According to NBC News in Los Angeles, Ben Neufeld was in their home when he heard a crash out front and noticed neighbors gathering. He came out to check on the commotion and saw his wife in the tipped-over blue Honda.

Neufeld told the station his wife was "calm as a cucumber."

"I was concerned of course, but everyone was just standing around and she was chatting with them, so I just joined the conversation," he said. "I didn't do very much. There wasn't much to do."

Trapped but uninjured, Elizabeth asked him to fish the phone out of her purse to take a photo or two.

Firefighters eventually freed her, Neufeld told NBC, and the couple had themselves some dinner.

"Now we’ve all seen their Christmas card," Savannah Guthrie quipped on "Today."


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