There's A Glaring Error On Rolling Stone's Naked Julia Louis-Dreyfus Cover (UPDATED)

Rolling Stone splashed a naked Julia Louis-Dreyfus on its latest cover and everyone went about their business — until readers discovered a SHOCKING ERROR.

Because some people are nerds, they jumped right past the naked celebrity part and instead noticed that Rolling Stone seemed to have gotten its founding American documents scandalously mixed up.

The cover shows Louis-Dreyfus with the U.S. Constitution written on her back. The signature of founding father John Hancock appears on her tailbone, but as the Washington Examiner's Justin Green pointed out, Hancock didn't sign the Constitution.

Rolling Stone explained the error in a statement to Poynter, saying that the magazine printed the Declaration of Independence — which Hancock did sign — on the other side, and couldn't fit all the signatures.

Louis-Dreyfus also addressed Hancock's signature, writing:

"Hancock signed Dec. of Independence NOT Constitution.Yet another Mike fuck-up.Dummy," the "Veep" star joked, referring to her press secretary on the HBO show.

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