Rolling Stones Chicago Concerts: Jagger, Richards And Company Prove They Can Still Rock (PHOTOS)

The Rolling Stones took to the United Center in Chicago Tuesday night to kick off the first of three shows in the city whose blues music served as an early inspiration for the now-legendary band.

The set was a solid two and an half hours, and according to Sun-Times music critic Thomas Connor, "The Stones are a bit worn and predictable, but they should absolutely rock until they drop."

Not bad for a band whose collective age is 274.

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Rolling Stones Rock Chicago

Praise for the band's first night in the Windy City has been overwhelmingly positive, though plenty balked at the sky-high ticket prices and blamed the lofty price tag as the reason for a few patchy spots in the United Center Tuesday.

Still, the ease, energy and sheer excitement of seeing the band blast hits like “Get Off of My Cloud,” “Brown Sugar" and "You Can't Always Get What You Want" (performed with the Roosevelt University Conservatory Chorus) was worth it, according to Tribune critic Greg Kot's review.

For those who aren't able to shuck out something equivalent to a month's rent for tickets, Time Out Chicago's Jake Malooley lays out a great case for why the band could play a secret club show in town sometime this weekend.

The Stones' “50 and Counting" multi-show stop in Chicago wraps Monday, June 3.

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