In His Own Words: B. Slade On Starting All Over Again

I've always assumed that true art needs no explanation being that in real life, it's hard to explain much of anything nowadays.

Every now and again, life presents a fork in the road in which you have the prerogative in choosing which path serves your ego's purpose or your higher self's destined end. I have yet to fully absorb every aspect of myself, but in that process, I decided that life art was the best way for me to cope with the anxiety I held within about rolling the dice on a new career direction.

Many people thought that leaving a highly respected and successful career in Gospel Music for a pursuit at mainstream expression was a terrible mistake and quite frankly thought it as a metaphoric suicide. They were right: it was a death of sorts, but all in all, I saw a genre that proclaimed to represent the "truth and the light" become an unnecessary evil. I was depending on a livelihood based off an illusion when in fact I was singing ... about the truth. This is the conflict that prompted me to start all over again. This time would be different; I would become a "recording activist" that simply told the story: objectively.

The song presented in my newest music video is based off of a personal mantra of mine:

'Sometimes you have to be set-back in order to be launched forward.'

There was a drive I could not explain inside of me to push beyond novelty and my past success because, quite frankly, nobody gave a shit about what was: they wanted to know what is. I hope this video will mean many things to many people and yet I do my best not to spoon feed any personal bias on how art is presented or interpreted.

In my opinion, we as a country have become incredibly critical of each other to the point that everyone feels the need to not only offer a critique, but embellish the Internet's freedom of an anonymous platform for downright cyber cynicism. There are some films, some books, and some stories that don't need our input. Sometimes, it's best to observe the whole piece for its own unique expression and not be so tempted to understand everything immediately or in full context. Songs mean nothing unless they fit the soundtrack of our own contemporary lives.

From what I've read, seen and heard, many are starting all over again in relationships, life direction, spirituality, sexuality and even in health. At first you will hear the anxious undertone of a man that can't go back, yet can't quite see the light at the end of the tunnel. By the time you get to the end, you realize that starting all over again doesn't mean that you've lost everything. It could simply mean that what you've built your persona around was not in sync with your truest vibration.

Music and art allows us the space to contemplate privately with a soundtrack.

My voice is only here to tell the story in an objective way and hopefully unlock your infinite thought possibilities.

And so be it.