Romance Authors Band Together to Fight Hatred with Love

A new anthology releases this week with over twenty-five short works by best-selling romance authors to benefit the American Civil Liberties Union.

The Resistance: United In Love,” is a collection of short stories, essays and poetry written by a collective of romance authors concerned with the ethics and unconstitutional proceedings of the Trump administration. The collaboration is the brainchild of romance author M. Stratton, an international Amazon best-selling author of romantic suspense and mystery suspense. Her contribution to the collection is a poem called, “Empathy,” that theorizes the most important tool in the creation of art and story-telling is harnessing deep empathy for all of humanity.

Other contributors to the project include authors, Danielle Allen, Dylan Allen, JC Andrijeski, Megan Benjamin Evans, Natasha Boyd, Elizabeth Burgess, Deborah Cunningham Burst, Emme Burton, M.C. Cerny, Selene Chardou, S. Simone Chavous, T. Thorn Coyle, Sarah M. Cradit, Ella Dominguez, Nicole Falls, John Gregory Hancock, Bayli Lane, Robin Lee, Olivia Linden, Grant Miller, Harper Miller, Morgan Jane Mitchell, C. Ricketts, Katherine Rhodes, Kimberly Rose, Amalie Silver, M. Stratton, Leslie Claire Walker, and Zoe York

The goal of the resistance authors is to bring light to the idea that everyone is connected despite perceived differences and that the repercussions of this election and administration will be felt not just by those in this country, but throughout the world. Their hope is to create a record of their experiences in order to inform future generations that they did not just accept injustices, but rather took a stand for those who could not. The works detail their personal struggles, fears, aspirations as well as disappointments. At a time of great uncertainty and hyper-division, the Resistance authors sow the seeds of interconnectedness and compassion for others. All proceeds from the anthology to the American Civil Liberties Union.

The anthology is available on all major ebook retailer marketplaces, including Amazon: and the authors are private entities and are not officially affiliated with the ACLU or any political party.

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