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Rome Repaves Cobblestone Streets To Make Them Easier For Women In Heels

Italy is both the fashion and the cobblestone street capital of the world. The problem is, well, just that: how are models supposed to totter through those streets in stilettos? We're sure it's caused many a fashionista to tumble. (We've had our own mishaps in the cobblestones in New York's Soho neighborhood -- not fun!)

But finally, Rome is wising up: the city is repaving some streets to make them safer, "especially for women in heels," reports Italy magazine.

Mayor Gianni Alemanno announced the plan to retool some of Italy's most iconic roads. But history -- and aesthetics -- won't be lost; he says that the streets will still retain their rustic cobblestones but in a new base of concrete, so that the level is even.

For high heels lovers like Beyonce who want to know where they can soon strut: the pavement makeover will begin with the Via del Corso in Rome and eventually continue to the Via del Teatro Marcello, Via Petroselli and Piazza Bocca della Verità.

And we're sure the new streets will also be safer for your shoes; heaven forbid you snap a Manolo heel on an uneven stone.

Flickr photo by D_P_R.