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Ignazio Marino, Mayor Of Rome, Talks Gay Marriage On HuffPost Live


Rome's Mayor Ignazio Marino sat down with HuffPost Live today and tackled some challenging questions -- including the issue of same-sex marriage and rights for gay couples.

Some citizens were up in arms in Rome last week when Marino and City Assemblywoman Imma Battaglia decided to send a message by lining the Italian capital's main shopping street with holiday lights that resembled a gay rainbow flag. The display was reportedly intended to be a visual statement against homophobia following the recent suicide of a gay Roman teenager.

"I believe that if a couple loves each other, they should get married," Marino told HuffPost Live. "I don't see where the problem is. I guess it's a problem with people thinking in the past -- people belonging to the previous century. The last century is gone. It's surprising for me that this is open for discussion."

Check out the clip above to hear the rest of Marino's comments, including his views regarding adoption for same-sex couples.

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