Police Dog With Same Name As Nazi General Gets A Name Change

The dog's handler claimed he named the dog Rommel after a childhood pet, not a Nazi general.

It’s a furor the Lake County Sheriff’s Department did not see coming: A bloodhound with the same name as a Nazi general.

Early Friday morning, the Florida department announced its newest K9 officer, a bloodhound named Rommel, with a Twitter post:

Meet LCSO’s newest Bloodhound, Rommel. He is a 10 week old liver colored bloodhound now assigned to Master Deputy Meintzschel. Rommel will soon begin his rigorous training to support the community by locating missing persons, fugitives, and evidence. Welcome aboard Rommel!

Unfortunately, the department didn’t notice that the bloodhound had the same name as Erwin Rommel, a German field marshal and general who commanded Nazi forces in North Africa during World War II, according to the Florida Sun-Sentinel.

But Twitter users sure did ...

A few hours later, the Lake County Sheriff’s Office announced a name change was in order.

“Although our new bloodhound was named after a childhood pet of the handler, he learned that his name is also tied to a Nazi war criminal,” the tweet read. The situation was rectified by a deputy renaming the dog Scout. “Welcome Scout to LSCO!”



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