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Romney's Flag Pin Is Bigger Than Obama's At Debate... And What's With That Strange Blob? (PHOTOS)

Was Romney's flashy accessory really 47% bigger than Obama's?

But it wasn't just the size that drew attention. From a distance, Mitt's pin seemed to have a small black blob on it. Was it the shape of a heart? A star? The Illuminati Pyramid and All Seeing Eye? (Um, probably not.)

Turns out it was a particularly special star. The Associated Press tweeted, "Romney's lapel pin has the Secret Service logo - a star - on it. The Secret Service agents who protect him gave it to him. #Election2012" (Romney's personal aid, D.G. Jackson, confirmed the same via Twitter.)

Mystery solved -- but not before dozens and dozens of chatty viewers got a word in edgewise. Check out photos of the pins in question as well as our favorite tweets on the topic. What did you think of Romney's flashy accessory?


romney flag pin

romney flag pin

romney flag pin

Romney's American Flag Pin Captures Twitter's Attention

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