Ron Christie Slams Mark Sanford: "Disgrace" Who Should Resign (VIDEO)

GOP strategist, and former Special Assistant to President Bush, Ron Christie appeared on "The Ed Shultz Show" tonight and slammed disgraced South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, calling him a "disgrace" and saying he should resign:

I think it's a disgrace for a politician, be they Republican or Democrat, to betray the public trust. This is a man who left the country for five days. He's the chief executive of the state; he's in charge of the Army National Guard. I think it's a disgrace. I think more people, my mother is a constituent, she lives in South Carolina, and she is beside herself as to why this man remains in office.

Shultz seemed unprepared for the forceful nature of Christie's condemnation, but said "obviously" I agree with you. Christie also agreed with Shultz that the GOP would be better off urging Sanford to resign than talking about the power of redemption as a reason for Sanford to serve out the rest of his term as governor.