Ron Goldsberry Appointed To Detroit Financial Advisory Board By Gov. Rick Snyder

Snyder's Final Pick For Detroit Financial Advisory Board

Shortly after Detroit City Council approved its version of the 2013 budget, totaling $246 million in cuts, Wednesday afternoon, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder announced his final appointment to the board that will oversee it.

Ron Goldsberry, an automotive consultant, will serve on Detroit's nine-member financial advisory board which will control the city's finances under Detroit's consent agreement with the state. Snyder has appointed three members to the board. He also shares a joint appointment with Mayor Dave Bing.

Goldsberry, who spent 16 years at Ford, lives in Bloomfield Hills. So far, only one member of the panel is a Detroit resident -- a bone of contention for critics and city officials alike.

Detroit City Council still has to appoint its two picks to the panel, but council members are waiting on a decision over the legality of the entire consent agreement before making any moves.

The city's top lawyer earlier this month told the council the consent agreement may be invalid because the state owes Detroit money and the city cannot enter into contracts with debtors.

State officials remain undeterred by the challenge, and the financial advisory board appointment shows the governor intends to move forward with the consent agreement.

"Ron Goldsberry is committed to a strong, revitalized Detroit," Snyder said in a statement. "The reinvention of Michigan depends on it, and his participation will be beneficial."

"If a quorum of the financial advisory board is present, it can meet and conduct business," Treasury spokesman Caleb Buhs told MLive.

Financial advisory board members are required to have 10 years of experience in municipal finance or restructuring. They will be paid $25,000 per year, a salary some city officials have said the state should pay.

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