How Ron Howard Avoided Drugs and The Pitfalls of Child Stardom

We were thrilled to have director and actor Ron Howard on the show, who's just released his newest film, In The Heart Of The Sea. Ron has had an amazing career in television and film, as both an actor and as an Academy Award-winning director. Ron chats about what made him want to direct this movie, how he prepared his actors, and the real secret for of being married 40 years.

The importance of working in a positive environment
It hasn't always been easy for young actors in Hollywood. The pitfalls of fame, drugs, and the absence of an "ordinary" childhood have taken many child stars down dark paths. So how did Ron manage to escape those obstacles and lead a grounded, successsful post-acting life? Believe it or not, he credits the world of The Andy Griffith Show with a lot of his own success. Not to "be corny", but "the environment around the show was so positive," he mentioned. Even years later, his respect for the people of the show has only risen, as he learned "how much of their true selves they really shared" with him as a child.

Watch the rest of the interview with Ron here.

And check out the trailer for In The Heart Of The Sea below! It's out now in theaters everywhere.

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