Why Ron Howard's Fondest Memory Isn't The Oscars

"I want to work. I'd be unsatisfied if I couldn't be pursuing this. But I love my family more."

Ron Howard discovered his love for the film industry at a very young age. In an interview with his daughter Bryce Dallas Howard for HuffPost's parent-child series Talk To Me, the movie and TV veteran said he was 4-years-old during his first acting job.

Howard pursued an acting career with the support and guidance of his parents, who were also in the industry. "They saw that I was happy there." Yet he ultimately felt "kind of limited" as an actor, which led him to pursue becoming a film director.

"I love this medium. I like all kinds of stories," he said. "Intuitively I felt it was going to be more creatively exciting and I had more potential as somebody guiding, leading, defining and not necessarily being."

Howard called directing a "very humbling" job. "A scene, a day of shooting can often make you feel kind of stupid and inept because your one job is to anticipate and react and know what to go for," he added. "And you often find yourself in the editing room saying, 'What the hell was the director thinking? Where was the director?'"

While Howard's "first love" might be movies, the director said family is the most important part of his life.

"When I occasionally indulge in sort of a 'look back' at highlights, it's so interesting -- it almost never comes from an image on a set or even the Academy Awards," he explained. "It's almost always a family trip or meeting and falling in love with Cheryl," his wife of over 40 years.

"Fairly early, maybe when you were 8 or 9 years old, I had established myself as a director, I had this family, all four kids were born, and there was just a moment when I realized I love working," he told his daughter. "I want to work. I'd be unsatisfied if I couldn't be pursuing this. But I love my family more. This is really life."

Watch the full clip above to hear Ron Howard's thoughts on the gender wage gap and being "bossy."

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