Ron Howard's Take On How "In The Heart Of The Sea" Isn't Your Ordinary Adventure Film

We were thrilled to have director and actor Ron Howard on the show, who's just released his newest film, In The Heart Of The Sea. Ron has had an amazing career in television and film, as both an actor and as an Academy Award-winning director. Ron chats about what made him want to direct this movie, how he prepared his actors, and the real secret for of being married 40 years.

The importance of working in a positive environment
In our chat together, Ron talks about his latest film In the Heart of the Sea. It's a gripping tale about a group of whalers whose boat is attacked by a mammoth sperm whale, a story that directly inspired Hermann Melville's classic "Moby Dick". Ron talks about how the film isn't just any old seafaring film; in his words, it's more of a "blend between an adventure story and a relationship drama." "There's a lot of brotherhood involved because [once they're shipwrecked] it's a survival story," he tells us. Ron loves to balance the "mythic, big screen scope," with "character drama," and In the Heart of the Sea has this in spades.

While the whaling aspect of the film might seem out of date, Ron thinks it's important to recognize how this seemingly cruel industry reflects some of our contemporary industries as well. In the 1840's, the oil acquired from whaling was "the energy industry, driving the U.S. economy and the global economy. This oil "was fueling the street lamps in Paris and London," in many cases "causing crime to drop," and a safer way of living to be maintained. Ron acknowledges this tradeoff, and how we make similar sacrifices today. "We need power and electricity, and it's interesting to think about "what price we pay" to get it.

Watch the rest of the interview with Ron here.

And check out the trailer for In The Heart Of The Sea below! It's out now in theaters everywhere.

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