Georgia State Coach Ron Hunter Gives Heart-Wrenching Press Conference After Cinderella Run Ends

Georgia State head coach Ron Hunter may have told his team not to be sad after their unexpected run at March Madness ended Saturday with a loss to Xavier, but he couldn't hold back the tears himself.

This week has been about more than just coaching for Hunter, whose son R.J. is also a star player of the team, and was sitting right beside him at Saturday's post-game press conference.

"As a coach best time of my life, but as a father--" the elder Hunter said, before breaking into tears, his head in one of his hands, the other hand on his son's shoulder.

Hunter said he told his team after the 75-67 loss, that "there's nothing to be sad about."

"I don't want these guys to be sad," Hunter said, adding that it's been "unbelievable" and "the greatest week of my life."

No. 14 Georgia State grabbed the hearts and attention of many watching the tournament this year --including the White House-- after their epic win against No. 3 Baylor in the second round. The win was secured with a game-winning 3-pointer from R.J. with just seconds left. Hunter, with probably the most accurate reaction, fell off his chair after R.J. sank the shot.

Hunter became well-known by the end of the week as he rolled around on a scooter after he injured his Achilles following the Panthers' conference championship win on Sunday.

But for those wanting more of Georgia State's underdog drive, Hunter said to just wait until next year.

"We'll be back," the coach said.

Unclear is whether his son R.J. will be part of that team, however. The junior is mulling entering the NBA draft, despite his father hoping to convince him otherwise, according to USA Today.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article misstated Baylor was ranked as a six seed. The school was No. 3.