Ron Jeremy On Measure B: It's The 'Final Nail In The Coffin' For Suffering Porn Industry (VIDEO)

The 'Final Nail In The Coffin' For Local Porn Industry

Adult film actor Ron Jeremy trashed Los Angeles' new condom law for porn films, claiming that the voter-approved measure was the "final nail in the coffin" for the county's struggling porn industry.

Speaking to PopCandiesTv over the weekend, Jeremy lamented rip-offs and bootlegs of both porn films and Steven Spielberg movies that take profits away from filmmakers.

"People today don't want to spend money," so the porn business really is suffering," said Jeremy, before listing several adult film businesses that have shut down.

"And now they want to do this final nail in the coffin by punishing LA filmmakers," said Jeremy about the recently-passed measure B. "All it's going to do is put more tax dollars to Oxnard, Calabasas, San Diego."

Jeremy was one of several porn industry figures that campaigned against Measure B in the weeks before the election. Unfortunately for him and the local porn industry, voters just didn't buy it.

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