Ron Jeremy & Tera Patrick Campaign Against Measure B, Mandatory Condoms In Porn Ballot Measure (VIDEO)

WATCH: Ron Jeremy Says NO To Condoms

Considering that this is a PSA from porn stars, the video is a little dry.

Porn performers Tera Patrick and Ron Jeremy teamed up with adult film director Axel Braun to make their case against Measure B, a ballot initiative that would require all porn performers to use condoms for movies made in LA.

Patrick compares her profession to America's more dangerous jobs, noting that, on average, 12 people lose their lives everyday while at work. Jeremy adds that since 2000, over 60,000 Americans have died on the job, in contrast to the six porn performers who have tested positive for HIV in the same amount of time.

They also say that if Measure B passes, porn production companies would leave Los Angeles in search of greener pastures, which would result in the loss of a $20 billion industry and 10,000 jobs.

Are these claims overblown, or does LA stand to lose their "other Hollywood" if Angelenos vote for Measure B?

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