Ron Paul: Americans Are 'Sick And Tired Of Our Educational System' (VIDEO)

The Republican presidential candidates have been vocal in their stance to reduce the size of the federal government. Michele Bachmann has repeatedly noted her call for abolishing the U.S. Department of Education, as has Rick Perry, who last week laid out his "uproot and overhaul" plan that would also ax the department.

Though some experts say that a plan like Perry's isn't quite feasible, someone else is stepping into the light with a similar message to slash the federal role in public education. "Once a fringe candidate," as introduced Sunday by Face The Nation's Bob Schieffer, Ron Paul talked American education.

Schieffer asks Paul what the country would do if the candidate's goal to cut several federal agencies actually became a reality, and how the government would handle the issues that those agencies control and oversee. "We just let them go by the bye or what?" Schieffer asks.

"No way and the program deals with this," Paul told Shieffer. "The money isn't there. These are departments that are doing too much. The American people are sick and tired of our educational system."

Watch the rest of Paul's response above.