Ron Paul Addresses Hurricane Irene, Says 'There's No Magic About' FEMA (VIDEO)

Ron Paul: Federal Response To Hurricane Unnecessary

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul told NBC News on Friday that "there's no magic about" the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). He said that he doesn't see the need for a federal response to Hurricane Irene as the powerful storm makes its way up the east cost.

"We should be like 1900, we should be like 1940, 1950, 1960," said the Texas congressman in weighing in on the matter during a stop in New Hampshire. He regarded FEMA as a "great contribution to deficit financing."

The presidential contender explained that he lives on the Gulf Coast back in the Lone Star State. He said, "We deal with hurricanes all the time. Galveston is in my district."

The Hill notes:

A catastrophic storm hit Galveston in 1900, killing thousands.

"We should be coordinated, but coordinated voluntarily with the states," Paul explained. "A state can decide. We don't need somebody in Washington."

Click here for the latest updates on Hurricane Irene. Below, a clip of Paul's remarks.


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