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Ron Paul Gets No Respect

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"Hey I'm tellin ya, I get no respect, no respect at all. I almost win the big Iowa straw poll and the next day it seems the media has forgotten my name." Yes, that could be the lament of Ron "Rodney Dangerfield" Paul. I mean the guy comes this close to winning the Iowa straw poll, the first big test of the campaign and you'd think he'd dropped out of the race. I mean gimme a break, after the straw poll the media annoints Bachmann, Romney and Perry the front runners. All Ron Paul did was put together a strong organization and appeal to enough Iowans to nearly win.

Are his ideas too far out there that nobody gives him a real chance of winning the nomination. Let's face it, in a party that has gone over the deep end where most of the contenders would not have raised the debt ceiling, don't want billionaires to pay any more taxes or believe that global warming is a hoax, it is hard to be that far out there. Yes, Ron would probably get rid of more government than the rest but he might also end war.

Anyway, I don't really support most of what Ron or the other Republicans believe in, but my god the guy deserves some respect. I tell ya.

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