Ron Paul Predicts Son Rand Will 'Probably' Run For President In 2016

Former Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) said his son, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), will "probably" run for president in 2016.

"I think he probably will. I mean, he's been on TV hinting that he very well might," Paul told CNN on Monday.

The elder Paul said he thinks his son is "handling himself quite well," and revealed the advice he's given the senator about a potential run.

"I kiddingly say that advice I give him [is] he better be very careful; [if] he's doing well, he might get elected, and that's a great burden and a major responsibility," Paul said.

In May 2013, Rand Paul announced he would "for sure" run for Senate in 2016, and said any potential presidential plans could "come later." Earlier this month, Paul said he is "seriously thinking" about a presidential run.

"Well, you know, the thought has crossed my mind," the senator said on "Fox News Sunday." "And I am seriously thinking about it. But I'm also very serious about the family considerations."



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