Ron Paul Predicts Supreme Court Will Find Health Care Law Constitutional

Ron Paul predicted Monday that the Supreme Court would uphold health care reform as constitutional.

Oral arguments begin this week on the Affordable Care Act, which has faced numerous legal challenges in the two years since President Obama signed it into law.

At the center of much of the controversy is the law's "individual mandate," which beginning in 2014, would require most Americans to have health insurance or face tax penalties.

Paul said on Bloomberg Television that he believed the court would not overturn the law.

“I suspect they're going to rule it constitutional, but that is a big guess out of thin air,” he said according to The Hill, explaining, “this Supreme Court is slightly better than in the past, [but] they haven't done a real good job in defending the free market and the original intent of the Interstate Commerce Clause.”

The commerce clause is a key part of the argument for the Affordable Care Act's constitutionality.

Paul said that if the Supreme Court were to support the law, it would "be a real tragedy."