Ron Paul Uses Darth Vader Imperial Theme In New Hampshire

Ron Paul Uses Darth Vader's Music In New Hampshire

Before Ron Paul sauntered to the stage on Tuesday night in New Hampshire, a familiar tune rang out. No, it wasn't a socially-approved classic rock song, which is the standard for political candidates. Instead, it was the Imperial March from "Star Wars."

The song is the theme of the evil Darth Vader, that dark Jedi who ruled the Empire with an iron fist. He enforced the crushing status quo for Emperor Palpatine and the Imperial Senate, limiting individual liberty in the name of corrupt order. So, just the opposite of the political philosophy that the Texas Republican professes to promote. So, why does he do it?

Paul positions himself as a renegade; he told his audience in New Hampshire that he enjoys the nervousness he creates amongst some Republicans.

"I sorta have to chuckle when they describe you and me as being dangerous," Paul told the crowd, according to the Daily Telegraph. "That's one thing they are telling the truth about because we are dangerous to the status quo!”.

One note: Like Vader, Paul has a son who has followed in his footsteps and could one day surpass him in power. Whether Paul will surrender himself in a dramatic duel to save his son, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, and redeem himself for his misdeeds, however, remains to be seen.

Listen to the recap of the "Star Wars"-tinged event on NPR, which initially reported the unusual theme song.

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