Ron Paul Walks Out Of CNN Interview (VIDEO)

Ron Paul Walks Out Of CNN Interview

GOP candidate Ron Paul walked out of an interview with CNN's Gloria Borger on Wednesday.

Borger repeatedly asked the candidate about newsletters that were sent out in the 1980s and 1990s bearing his name. The newsletters included racist comments that made headlines in the Texas Congressman's previous campaigns for the House in 1996 and the presidency in 2008.

Paul has maintained that he was not responsible for the remarks. He repeated his defense to Borger on Wednesday, who still pressed the candidate on the issue. Paul decided that he had apparently had enough and began taking off his mic as Borger was still asking questions, ending the interview in a huff.

Borger thanked Paul for answering her questions and said, "I appreciate you answering the questions and you understand it’s our job to ask them."


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