Ron Wayne, Apple's 'Lost' Cofounder, Has Never Owned An Apple Product (VIDEO)

Ron Wayne, Apple's 'Lost' Founder, Has Never Owned An Apple Product (VIDEO)

Apple cofounders Steve Jobs And Steve Wozniak are household names.

But there's a third, "lost" Apple cofounder: Ron Wayne, 76, who owned a 10% stake in the company that he sold just 11 days after it came into existence for $800. Today, it would be worth $22 billion.

"I felt that the way these guys were going, they would bulldoze their way through anything to make this company succeed, but it was going to be a very rough ride and if I wasn't careful, I'd end up the richest man in the cemetery," Wayne tells CNN, explaining why he wanted out.

"Unfortunately, my whole life has been a day late and a dollar short," he previously told Mercury News.

Although Wayne designed the first Apple logo and wrote the manual for the Apple 1 computer, he confesses, "I've never owned an Apple product."

Wayne now lives in a simple ranch house in Pahrump, Nevada, his net worth "tied up in his coin and stamp collection, according to CNN.

"It's usually past midnight when Ron Wayne, co-founder of Apple--colossus of the tech world, and Silicon Valley's most adored franchise--leaves his home here and heads into town," Mercury News writes in a profile of the cofounder." Averting his eyes from a boneyard of abandoned mobile homes, he drives past Terrible's Lakeside Casino & RV Park, then makes a left at the massage parlor built in the shape of a castle. When he arrives at that night's casino of choice, Wayne makes a beeline for the penny slot machines."

Mercury News goes on to describe Wayne's early collaboration with Steve Jobs:

But he cautioned Jobs never to forget that the money was just a vehicle for creating things. "But he forgot," Wayne says now. "He probably won't like me for saying this, but I think he got caught up in the business of business. He became so enamored with succeeding at this stuff that he began doing it for the sake of itself. He began making money for the sake of making money. What can somebody do with $200 million that they can't do with $100 million?"

Learn more about Wayne in the video below.


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