Ronald Hetzel Accused Of Breaking Into Las Vegas Home To Beat Owner With Toilet Bowl Lid And Guitar

A Las Vegas man is in jail for attempted murder and his weapons of choice included a toilet lid.

Police said Ronald Hetzel, 41, allegedly broke into a neighbor's home on Saturday morning by opening a window and then struck the owner over the head with a wooden guitar and a porcelain toilet bowl lid during a confrontation, reported.

The encounter began after police responded to a complaint about a man throwing objects in his own house. When they arrived on the scene, they saw a man later identified as Hetzel sitting on the curb shirtless and screaming, according to KNTV-TV.

Officers said they tried unsuccessfully to calm down the suspect and, when that failed, tried to contain him.

That's when Hetzel jumped a back fence into a neighbor's yard, broke through a window and entered the home.

A male resident inside that home told the station that Hetzel started fighting with him, bashing him in the head with a wood guitar and a toilet lid. During the attack, Hetzel also allegedly tried to strangle the homeowner multiple times, leaving him with many bruises, The Las Vegas Sun reported.

Police caught up with Hetzel 20 minutes later and took him down with the help of a K9 dog.

Hetzel was arrested on suspicion of home invasion, burglary, attempted murder and battery with a deadly weapon, according to KOLO-TV.

The homeowner was taken to a local hospital where he was treated for his bruises and a large laceration above one of his eyes, according to police reports.


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